Porcelain Army

porcelain army 

Foto: Alexander Egger

Vom 21. bis 24. September  wird meine neuste Arbeit " Porcelain army" an der Messe TRESOR CONTEMPORARY CRAFT 2017 in Basel zu sehen sein. 

Vernissage ist am 20. September 2017 von 18-21 Uhr

Halle 3 Stand A 15 Austellung D.O.C.




D.O.C. is the special exhibition space at TRESOR contemporary craft highlighting curated objects from a select group of local artists from Basel and surrounding.

D.O.C.‘s ambition is to feature the selected objects to collectors and galleries, and to support TRESOR contemporary craft in its aim to broaden horizons and to include exceptional work from Basel and beyond. D.O.C.’s 9 artists are located within a radius of 38.8 km from TRESOR.

The curated space D.O.C. is dedicated to artists discovered by Fabienne Abrecht & Judith Keller when researching the area around Basel for their Special Guest Programme in conjunction with TRESOR. During their research, they discovered excellent art
works and objects by artists who they felt merited exposure to a wider audience within the international context of the fair. D.O.C. stands for „Denominazione di Origine Controllata“, a „controlled designation of origin“ and the exhibited works are quality products with characteristics owed to geographical conditions and human influences. Ergo

Both, Fabienne Abrecht and Judith Keller have been involved in the contemporary art world for many years. Judith helped develop the initial Design Miami/Basel fair and is involved in organizing art related events. Fabienne is a long-time Trustee of the Swiss Institute (SI) in New York, and until recent was its Chairwoman. In addition, she serves as a board member of the Kunsthaus

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