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Artist Statement:
My work is dealing with the architectural growth, so with the constructions of the nature and their construction method.The open forms which separate the inside from the external and permit, nevertheless, the look through the object are an important core aspect of my creating.The skeletal constructions which hold together the form and give the clear cover its character, like a play of strength, stability and ease.
(before "HOME_made in China")
In Beijing I saw a building which looked liked it was made out of foam-bubbles. I was fascinated and saved the picture of foam-framework in my mind. I sometimes recognized the country and its inhabitants as a kind of a big foam-complex as well The focus on details got lost, sometimes here and there a bubble burst and created so a new point of view. Foam bubbles, their systems and their design was the first inspiration for my work in China. Intrigued by the pseudo-circular sequence of tetrahedrons up to octagons, keeping together by liquid walls under tension, fascinated me.So I connected sticks of stoneware together and build chambers to interact which each others.
The forms weren't build but grew by the concatenation of the crossing points between the voids."HOME_made in china", was also a kind of fictitious building of a home.
After thinking about all the written I decided to reduce the name "At Home" to "LINES"

Ausstellung "Bricks in the Rain" Dublin

Farmleigh Gallery, Phoenix Park. 16 August bis 14.Oktober 2012

Hier ein paar Bilder von der Vernissage am 16.August 2012

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